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  • Listening Comprehension for Scientific English

    This series of podcasts, originally published by EDP Sciences, covers the same lexical and functional syllabus as the Minimum Competence in Scientific English textbook.

    In the first part, you will hear a review of the main key words and structures used during the podcast. In the second part, you listen to the recording, pausing and replaying when necessary so that you can answer the questions.

    • Write your answers on the work sheet.
    • When you have finished, you can check your answers using the Answer sheet.
    • You are advised to have a look at study strategies which will help you work more efficiently.

    N.B. Complementary listening activities may also be found at Enigma Plus and the podcasts Minimum Competence in Scientific English and Physical Education English. To find out more about note-taking, see the Notable Science podcast and the Notable Science website.

    Pour des raisons pratiques, les épisodes sont également présentés sous une forme plus compacte ici.

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