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  • Minimum Competence in Scientific English (version compacte)

    These recordings of texts read aloud from the manual Minimum Competence in Scientific English, published by EDP Sciences may be used in class or for self-learning.

    The Service des Langues suggests listening to the recording first with your book closed, then listening and filling in the missing words in your manual, and finally reading the text out loud (à haute voix) while listening. Complementary listening activities may also be found at Enigma Plus and Listening Comprehension for Scientific English, Physical Education English and Notable Science.

    Les épisodes

    Pour des raisons pratiques, les épisodes sont présentés sous une forme compacte. Cliquez ici pour la présentation standard de ce podcast.

    Publié le Lundi 27 septembre 2010

    1 commentaire sur “Minimum Competence in Scientific English (version compacte)”

    1. hello
      i teach scientific and technical english to 20 french students at the ecole national of geology. i really like this material – its variety and contexts.
      i know that my students have benefitted tremendously from the grammar hints, and as such, have significantly improved their academic writing and expression.
      chapeau for all your hard word – and love to nick skelton!


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