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  • Performing Teachers: Embodying Languages through Drama

    Ana Beaven

    • 17 Apr 2013 10:53:54
    • Ana Beaven
    • 23 min
    • 169.1 Mo
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    This paper will be reporting on an experimental approach to training in-service language teachers through drama. We have set up a European project entitled “Performing languages” where experienced language teachers of Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese and German at the Open University are able to experience being language learners again. The programme consists of a series of visits to three European countries, where teachers engage in drama workshops for local amateur groups. After the workshops, led by professional actors, the teachers are invited to reflect on the linguistic and intercultural aspects of their experience, and how these may inform their teaching practice. Finally, they are asked to discuss and produce teaching materials from the drama lessons which they have experienced as learners, thinking about how such activities could be incorporated into their own specific professional context. Ana Beaven, CILTA - Università di Bologna, Italia, et Inma Alvarez, The Open University, UK

    formation en langues, théâtre, pratiques théâtrales, pratiques théâtrales en classe de langue, pédagogie actionnelle et pratiques théâtrales.

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